Solopreneur Success Camp

Over 40,000,000 Solopreneurs exist in the United States today.

The Solopreneur Success Camp is specifically designed to help professionals safely transition from being technicians in their business to becoming thriving business owners who live life on their terms.

This process will ensure your solo adventure will not take all your time or money or will destroy relationships. This process provides clients with a road map, experienced coaching, and accountability, resulting in a clear understanding of what it will take to not only transition into becoming a Solopreneur, but to thriving in your ideal life.

Join the revolution.

How many small businesses fail?
These stats do not take into account profitability, happiness, or stagnant/stuck businesses.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Hard! Solorepreneur Life Can Shift The Odds Into Your Favor.

When your customers need someone with your expertise, they come to you and you help them. When the ideal client comes to you and needs your help, it is a no-brainer – something you can do well and is probably fun for you.

Here at EA, we are experts in helping professionals successfully start and build the business of their dreams. For us, it is fun and easy; it is our no-brainer.

Here’s why:

  • Our founder, Kris, started his first of 14 successful companies at age 19; now, he is an old guy at age 50.
  • As an owner, advisor, former business broker, and mentor, Kris has advised hundreds of companies.
  • At EA, we have an established process for success:
    • Initial one-on-one advising to establish clarity and a clear path
    • Weekly/virtual peer accountability groups:
      • Confidential meetings with other business owners
      • Accountability check-ins and next steps
      • Problem-solving strategies
    • Monthly ongoing strategic advising/coaching

Exclusive Solopreneur Success Camp

What you will do:

  • Identify goals and define what success will look like
  • Clarify and vet your business ideas
  • Learn how build a great team of advisors – for free
  • Create a timeline to safely transition and launch the process
  • Build a viable and practical business plan
  • Conclude with a clear plan to safely launch your Solopreneur Life

How this is achieved:

  • Two three-hour facilitated group coaching sessions a month
    • Availability: Late afternoon evening times and Saturdays
  • Sessions are held via video conference
  • Up to seven participants
  • Two 30-minute individual video conference sessions
  • Exclusive private chat groups
  • Accountability partners
  • 24/7 email access for coaching
  • Building a viable and practical business plan
  • Concluding with a clear plan to safely launch your Solopreneur Life
  • $3,600

Current Dates:

  • Saturday, May 4th 8 am to 11 am or 9 am to noon
  • Wednesday, May 22nd 6 pm to 9 pm (Revised)
  • Saturday, June 8th 10 am to 1 pm (Revised)
  • Wednesday, June 26th 6 pm to 9 pm (Revised)
  • Saturday, July 13th 10 am to 1 pm (Revised)
  • Wednesday, July 24th 6 pm to 9 pm (Revised)
  • Saturday, August 10th 10 am to 1 pm
  • Saturday, September 14th 10 am to 1 pm
  • Wednesday, September 25th 6 pm to 9 pm
  • Saturday, October 12th 10 am to 1 pm
  • Wednesday, October 30th 6 pm to 9 pm
  • Saturday, November 9th 10 am to 1 pm
  • Wednesday, November 20th 6 pm to 9 pm
  • Saturday, December 14th 10 am to 1 pm
  • Wednesday, December 18th 6 pm to 9 pm – This date may change

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that when you fully participate in and complete a Solopreneur Success Camp, you will have the knowledge and will be empowered to safely transition into the next phase of your work life. Period.

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Solopreneur Success Camp

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One-On-One Coaching

If you are a senior professional looking to transition to your ideal Solopreneur Life and you value the power of expert help, this may be for you. With over 30 years of start-up, entrepreneurial, and Solopreneur experience, Kris will work with you individually as a coach, teacher, collaborator, and accountability partner. This is a fully customized approach that is focused on your dreams, your success, and helping you to not only achieve your dreams, but to thrive.