Couples Retreats

You know you want more, but not sure how to get there?

Then these retreats are for you.

  • Offsite luxury resort or adventure trip
  • Fully facilitated by authors Kris and Reka Kluver
  • 17 exercises to achieve:
    • Initial Life Balance Wheel Review
    • Identify and define what success looks like
    • Discovery of a Life-Changing Goal (LCG)
    • Spousal alignment around shared values (True North)
    • Clearly define Annual Goals
    • Define and document a clear path to achieve goals
    • Creation of Quarterly Objectives
    • Creation of a Bucket List of dreams
    • Ongoing weekly process to ensure communication and accountability
    • Instructions on how wash, rinse, and repeat
  • Apply to join on scheduled dates April 5th-9th and November 1st-3rd
  • Limited to eight couples per session
  • Location to be determined
  • Private rooms
  • Shared common area
  • Professional chef
  • Arrange for your own group to bring in Kris and Reka to facilitate your retreat.

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Coming Spring 2020


This book is for you.

Combine a couples therapist, Reka Kluver, with a type-A personality strategist, and this is what you get.

A conversational, step-by-step guide with 17 exercises to help you:

  • Define what success looks like on your terms
  • Discover your Life-Changing Goal (LCG)
  • Ensure partner alignment
  • Break it down into bite-sized, attainable chunks
  • Document it all
  • Create date night and retreat cadences to achieve more than you ever thought possible
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Couples Retreat

You know there is more out there and that you have so much more to contribute. These retreats will help you reconnect, collaborate to discover a common goal, and outline a path to help support each other towards a happier, more balanced, and empowered life.
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One-On-One Coaching

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