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At Solopreneur Life, our mission is empowering individuals to thrive in living their ideal life, where success is determined by the individual, and the belief that success is limited only by our own thinking.

We live in the most abundant times. It has never been easier to build and safely transition into your ideal Solopreneur Life. Our community is devoted to educating, empowering, and celebrating this lifestyle. Life as a Solopreneur does not have to be lonely.

Embrace that you are an amazing technician in your field. Together, we will focus on transforming your thinking to not only that of the technician executing the work, but as the investor creating the business, the manager managing the business, the salesperson driving the business, and the bookkeeper ensuring compliance. This approach is critical to your success as a Solopreneur. The goal is not simply to survive, but to thrive in your new life.

The skillset of a great technician is different than that of a great business owner. As a community, we will use real-life experience, as well as tried and true examples to clarify what it will take to safely transition and thrive as a Solopreneur – on your terms.

Welcome to the revolution.

Kris Kluver
Kris, a serial Entrepreneur, started his first of 14 companies at age 19. These companies have ranged from commercial real estate development and management, with properties in five states, to content marketing and daily social media management, with clients from New York City to Indonesia. A former business broker and mentor, Kris has had the good fortune to see the inner workings of hundreds of businesses. Some have been good, some have been ugly, but all have been interesting. Through these experiences, Kris learned just how much he truly loves Entrepreneurship. He applied EOS® in his own companies and fell in love with its systems. EOS® now provides Kris with the opportunity to help good companies become great, while simultaneously allowing him the opportunity to feed his obsession with Entrepreneurship and passion for assisting others.
Reka Kluver

As a native Londoner born to immigrant parents, Reka spent many years working as a certified accountant for a British venture capital firm. During a travel sabbatical in 1998, Reka met Kris and they moved to Denver, where she obtained a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education. Since 2010, Reka Kluver has deepened her counseling experience across multiple disciplines: marital and relationship issues, business ownership and transition, major depression, anxiety, grief, and loss. She also has life experiences related to the challenges often associated with immigrant professionals, finance, and business ownership. In 2011, Reka and Kris moved to Omaha; three years later, she launched her private practice, helping individuals and couples learn to live happier, healthier lives. Reka joined The Association of Private Practice Therapists (APPT) and currently serves as Treasurer for the organization. She has been an associate member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) since 2008 and a member of the Nebraska division of the AAMFT (NAMFT) since 2010.

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Couples retreat

You know there is more out there and that you have so much more to contribute. These retreats will help you reconnect, collaborate to discover a common goal, and outline a path to help support each other towards a happier, more balanced, and empowered life.

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Success Camp

Drive the likelihood of successful transition to an ideal Solopreneur Life. Our Solopreneur Success Camps combine many of the same tools provided in The Aspiring Solopreneur with small group coaching, facilitation, and accountability. These virtual groups meet bi-monthly via online video conference and walk through a 3-month program focused on the successful transition to your new life.

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One-On-One Coaching

If you are a senior professional looking to transition to your ideal Solopreneur Life and you value the power of expert help, this may be for you. With over 30 years of start-up, entrepreneurial, and Solopreneur experience, Kris will work with you individually as a coach, teacher, collaborator, and accountability partner. This is a fully customized approach that is focused on your dreams, your success, and helping you to not only achieve your dreams, but to thrive.

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