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Couples Retreat

You know there is more out there and that you have so much more to contribute. These retreats will help you reconnect, collaborate to discover a common goal, and outline a path to help support each other towards a happier, more balanced, and empowered life.
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Solopreneur Success Camp

Drive the likelihood of successful transition to an ideal Solopreneur Life. Our Solopreneur Success Camps combine many of the same tools provided in The Aspiring Solopreneur with small group coaching, facilitation, and accountability. These virtual groups meet bi-monthly via online video conference and walk through a 3-month program focused on the successful transition to your new life.

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One-On-One Coaching

If you are a senior professional looking to transition to your ideal Solopreneur Life and you value the power of expert help, this may be for you. With over 30 years of start-up, entrepreneurial, and Solopreneur experience, Kris will work with you individually as a coach, teacher, collaborator, and accountability partner. This is a fully customized approach that is focused on your dreams, your success, and helping you to not only achieve your dreams, but to thrive.

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The Aspiring Solopreneur by Kris Kluver

There are currently over 40 million Solopreneurs in the United States. Learn how to confidently and safely join the revolution.

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What’s Next in Life? by Kris and Reka Kluver

If you know there has to be more to life, you’re right! Learn how to identify and achieve What’s Next for you.

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Meet Kris and Reka Kluver

With over 50 years, 14 companies, and countless hours of real-world experience, Kris and Reka are experienced and passionate about helping others thrive. Combining Kris’s 30 years of business, advisory, and strategy experience with Reka’s 20 years of personal growth, counseling, and business experience creates an amazing blend of knowledge, training, and insight that empowers success. As Solopreneurs, they have walked the path, tripped and fallen, gotten back up, and now embrace the best of what a life built with intention can look like.


Solopreneur Process



You have to know where you are going if you ever plan to actually get there. First, we provide tools to help you identify what a balanced and successful Solopreneur Life will look like, on your terms. Next, we will show you how to discover your Life-Changing Goal (LCG). Armed with these tools, you can now clearly define what your success will look like.


Once you have identified where you want to go, it is time to vet your idea. We will show you a step-by-step process to get you to start thinking not only as a technician in your business, but also as an investor (in the business), a manager (managing the process), a salesperson (generating work), and others. This process helps you to safely vet, reposition, and create a plan to smoothly transition into your Solopreneur Life.

Transition and Thrive

When you have made it this far, you have already beat the odds. You will have clearly defined a launch path, timeframe, an independent board of advisors, and a plan for success. It is now time to implement and thrive. As a Solopreneur, you are 100% accountable for the successes and failures along the way. We will provide tools and resources to help with community and accountability. Welcome to the revolution. Welcome to your Best Life.


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On Your Terms

Kris has pushed me, in a very positive and encouraging way, to focus on high goals and aspirations, while keeping me grounded and providing both excellent advice and encouragement around very practical issues. I highly recommend Kris. You will not be disappointed.
Ioan Fazey
Professor of Social Dimensions of Environmental Change University of Dundee, Scotland
Meeting Kris was one of the best things that has happened to me in the past year. He has been an incredibly positive influence on my business and my personal life. He challenges me to cut out the negative talk, where I may dwell on my past and instead, encourages me to focus on where I am going in the future and how I am going to get there. Every story he shares or idea he gives me is always exactly what I need to hear in that moment. It has been an absolute honor to have Kris as a coach. I would highly recommend anyone looking to improve their daily life and mindset to have a conversation with Kris. His calm, confident and caring demeanor allows him the ability to work people from all walks of life. You da man Kris!
2018 PCMA Headshot Nick Weir
Nick Weir

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